For me, one of the most important factors in deciding to make a purchase is versatility. When your fashion interests are as broad as mine, its mandatory. One day I might be wearing some crazy Japanese fashion in Little Tokyo, like Larme or Lolita (pictured above), and the next day I’ll be in Newport Beach window shopping. Thanks to Devilinspired, I’ve found the perfect dress, Hana’s Fantasy Constellation dress.

Hana Fantasy Constellation devilinspired

This dress is from Soufflé Song, a Chinese Indie brand recently shown for the first time at Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week. The Fantasy Constellation dress (which comes in pink, purple, black, and white) is from their Hana collection, inspired by the Rococo and Victorian era with a touch of delicate pastels. The pink color-way is my favorite, as the gold stars compliment it perfectly. Devilinspired has nearly their entire collection for sale, including the delicate Snow White dress and the vintage-style Cherries dress. While these garments are usually  marketed at those who wear Japanese and Alternative fashion, they can work just as fine for every-day wear.

Hana fantasy constellation devilinspired

Voila! Here I am wearing the same dress in a more toned-down way, perfect for a spring picnic or strolling through the park. I’ve coordinated it with some black lace wedges and a cropped cardigan, as it really matures and refines the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and looking cute,
but sometimes I just want to fly under the radar. This dress did just that!

hana fantasy constellation devilinspired

To my great surprise, it wasn’t too hot out. But even if it was, the light chiffon fabric would’ve kept me cool. Joking aside, heavy fabrics is just impossible here in Southern California, it just gets too hot! When Summer arrives, I’ll still be wearing this dress, though not with a black cardigan or thick socks, but something a little more simple.

hana fantasy constellation devilinspired

For this look, I decided to go minimalistic, no headwear or cardigans, and just slip into some adorable gold heels to bring out the golden accents on the dress and my jewelry. This look combines the cutesy youthful feel of the first one, while still staying as refined as the second one. Perfect for going to a birthday party!

Overall, The Hana Fantasy Constellation dress is a must-have for anyone who loves kawaii, versatility, and femininity. Purchase it here, or go look at my Shop button to see more products I recommend for your closet!

Comment below and tell me which look was your favorite, the Japanese-fashion look, the mature refined look, or the party-girl look!

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