Over the weekend, I attended High Voltage Magazine’s “Photography in the Park” event. Essentially, it’s an event for models and photographers to network. A great time to build up portfolios. And, it was the perfect place to get photos of my Dollskill Lovin’ Croptop and Jezebel Robe.

If you’ve followed my blog or social media, you’ll know pink and black are my favorite colors. I love looking girly, but I also have a streak of rebellion in me. Hence, why I fell in love with the brand Dollskill. Its got clothing for your inner cheerleader, and the punk gal in you. Personally, I love how each “Doll” represents a sub-style of clothing. For example, Coco has the kawaii items, Mercy is the goth queen, Kandi’s got the raver aesthetic, etc.

The Lovin Croptop had been on my wish list for a while. As soon as it went on sale, I knew I had to have it. I love this top because of the color, the giant heart, and the length. Since it’s a croptop, it’ll keep me cool all Summer too. In my opinion, this top has the perfect blend of girly yet sensual. The pink makes it cutesy, but the length makes it alluring. By the way, it comes in black too.

The Jezebel Robe too, was also on my wish list for some time. I’ve been in love with the idea of a robe as outerwear after reading Larme Magazine, which I talked about in my previous articles. What makes the Jezebel Robe different from other robes is that its made up of a gorgeous sheer fabric, and has fur. Like the croptop, it’s also short enough to my liking. I could wear it with nearly every skirt I own, and it’ll fall right at the hem.

In conclusion, Dollskill did a fantastic job with their items. The croptop is perfectly feminine with a touch of alternative. The robe is sensual without being over the top. And you can coordinate both items in many ways. Be sure to check out Dollskill and all their products!

Below are just a few of my favorites, click for more info:

If you’ve read this far, comment below and tell me your favorite item from Dollskill! And if you liked this post, feel free to share it!

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