Yesterday I spent most of my time walking around the beach playing my favorite game, Pokemon Go. (In short, a cellphone app that uses your GPS to catch Pokemon and requires a lot of walking.) Not surprisingly, I walked 3.5 miles! Thank goodness for Sheinside and their lace romper, it kept me cool and comfortable.

Since I live in Southern California, I always look for clothing that will help me survive the heat. What drew me to this romper was its fabric. The eyelet lace is so soft and breathable. I’m picky about my lace and have high standards. But as soon as I put it on, it passed my expectations. The pattern of the lace is interesting too, looks like plants or flowers.

Because I love florals, I coordinated the romper with a cute rose belt.  To my delight, the dusty roses matched wonderfully with the outfit. However, I wanted more contrast. I chose a neutral-colored belt and made sure my shoes and purse matched. It’s a bit old-fashioned to make your shoes, belt, and purse match but it worked this time around.

After wearing this romper, I went back to Sheinside’s website to take a look at more rompers. I’ve accumulated a list of the top 6 rompers to buy from their site, (including the one I’m wearing,) click below to check them out!

1. Pink Bat-wing Lace Romper (The one I’m wearing!)

2. Champagne-Sequined Romper with Gold Belt

3. Blue Floral Chiffon Jumpsuit

4. Yellow Floral V-neck Romper

5. Lavender Lace V-neck Romper

6. Pink Ruffle Back-less Romper

Anyways, if you enjoyed this post be sure to share it with friends! Comment below and tell me which romper is your favorite!
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