Recently, I went to Little Tokyo for some photoshoots. Little Tokyo is hub of Japanese culture right in the heart of Los Angeles. You’ll find J-fashion boutiques, kawaii knickknacks, and all kinds of delicious cuisine. Most importantly, it was the perfect place to model this Sakura bodycon dress from Shein!

Firstly, if you’ve never been to Little Tokyo, you need to see the Japanese Village Plaza. It’s iconic to LT. Probably due to its traditional atmosphere. In addition to the Old-Japan vibe, there are lots of souvenirs you can buy too. Including samurai swords, fans, and lanterns. But if you’re more into Japanese Pop culture, you’ll probably enjoy Little Tokyo’s malls more.

fickle wish

The Weller Court and the Little Tokyo Mall are best for two things: Shopping and photo-taking. On the left, is the hallway from the street into the Weller Court. The LEDs make for the coolest photos. Furthermore, they change colors! I took the photos when they were blue/green but I’ve seen them purple too. On the right, is the staircase in the LT mall. This staircase is great for minimalistic backgrounds in photos. It perfectly showcases the Sakura bodycon dress that the brand Shein sent to me.

In addition to good staircases, this mall has LA’s newest Japanese fashion store: Ficklewish. Ficklewish sells all kinds of Kawaii and Harajuku clothes. There’s bunny backpacks, pastel dresses, and lots of heart cut-out skirts. However, I won’t talk too much about this gem, I’m saving it for a future post! 😉


Finally, let me tell you about Little Tokyo’s best-kept secret. The Kyoto Gardens. Located atop the Double Tree hotel, these gardens capture the true Little Tokyo spirit. There’s a waterfall, wooden bridges, and even a stone path over a river! What makes this place feel so special is its tranquil atmosphere. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about this place. So it’s a great get-away for relaxing, date-nights, and just about anything. Going into the Kyoto Gardens makes me feel like I’m in Japan. Perhaps I really was, it could be magical. 😉

In conclusion, Little Tokyo is amazing. I’m glad I got so many cute photos of this Sakura dress while in my favorite part of LA. And what could be more perfect than wearing a Japanese dress in a Japanese town?

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it with your friends! I would love to see LT flourish and have others make wonderful memories. Its been such a big part of my life growing up in LA and it means so a lot to me. And if you’ve already been to Little Tokyo, comment below and share your #1 Go-to place!

And as always, here our my shopping recommendations for floral dresses just like my Sakura Bodycon. Be sure to pick one of these up before you head down to LT!

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(Thanks to Shein Official for helping to sponsor this post.)

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