My favorite color scheme is black and white, with a little bit of pastel pink thrown in. Black/white is a mature palette and I love brightening it up a little. Hence why I decided I needed a new dress to play around with. This bow dress was exactly what I was looking for. Take a look at my review of Make Me Chic

Firstly, I love the white accents on the sleeves and bow. They really add a polished look to the dress and give it a vintage vibe. Plus its a nice contrast to the dark color of the dress. In addition to the accent colors, the emblems on the front are very studious and academic. When school starts in Autumn, this dress will be perfect. Not just because of its preppy vibe, but because the fabric is thick and warm. No getting a cold for me! Because the dress is A-line, I wore it with a belt to showcase my figure better. However it would look fine without a belt. Whatever your styling choices are, they’ll work with the versatility of the bow dress. Let’s look more closely at what I wore with this outfit.

make me chic review

When I’m wearing neutral color schemes, I make sure to always throw in some adorable accessories. If you’ve read my About Me, you’ll know my style consists of being sophisticated yet girly. A little bit of dark, a little bit of light. This pink poodle purse and pink fur sandals tied this look together to make that perfect balance between cutesy and chic. The shoes/purse match in color, fabric, and detailing. There’s bows on the poodle’s ears, on the sandals, and on the dress. Pink accent colors + neutral main piece = a fun yet feminine outfit.

Overall, Make Me Chic did a wonderful job with this dress. Everyone needs a black & white dress in their closet, and pastel accessories to wear it with. If you’re looking for something new to wear, check out my shopping recommendations below (click for more):

If you enjoyed this look be sure to share it with friends! Finally, comment below and tell me which dress you want to buy!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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