Its official, the cutest places to eat at:
Hello Kitty CafeA Sanrio paradise filled with cookies, cakes, and tea.
Honey & Butter. A macaron haven with Disney Tsum Tsums and an exciting atmosphere.

Because these spots are perfect for Japanese and Kawaii lovers, I had to check them out. Best yet, they’re both located right inside the Irvine Spectrum mall. Talk about convenient! Lets take a look at the sugary adventure I had over the weekend. There’s lots of sweets, pastels, frills, and fun to be seen.

First on our list is the Hello Kitty Cafe. It’s newly opened and immensely popular; there’s always a line to get in. Fortunately for us, the line was only 40 minutes. (Rather than the line for the  Hello Kitty Food Truck in Glendale, which was 2.5 hours haha.) The cafe has limited seating, about 10-12 seats in total. Be sure to wear comfy shoes. Both for standing in line and if you can’t find seating. Heels really aren’t a good choice no matter how adorable they look. (I had to learn that one the hard way!) Foot pain aside, the wait is definitely worth it. Moving on to the food.


hello kitty cafe menu irvine spectrum

If you’re a dessert fanatic like me, you’ll never want to leave the Hello Kitty Cafe. Everything is packaged in a sugary-sweet way, so its only fitting to have the snacks match the appearance. I tried the Hello Kitty pocket pie with strawberry filling and the strawberry tea. (Pretty obvious what my favorite fruit is.) Both of which I highly recommend! The pocket pie tasted like a regular sugar cookie, but with a lot more flavor. I usually despise with every fiber of my being *ahem* don’t like sugar cookies as they’re a bit dry for my preference, but this one was truly delicious. Probably the strawberry filling did the magic. Though maybe I’m biased. Time to ask my friend, Zee of My Petite Pengal, what she thought of the food!

In Zee’s own words, “The strawberry lemonade was so refreshing, especially after standing in that line. The cake was bitter though, not exactly my style. I did love how moist it was though.” Agreed, you can never go wrong with lemonade, especially in the SoCal Summer. Too bad about the cake, but it sure makes for a pretty picture! Definitely #foodgram worthy. Speaking of hashtags and photos, see what my friends and I wore to the Cafe. (This is a fashion blog, pretty sure a lot of you skipped to this part.)

Here’s a tip: When you visit the cafe, take your pictures in front of the Hello Kitty wall. It makes for a great Sanrio-themed shot, and the trees give a good amount of shade. Go to #hellokittycafe on Instagram and you’ll a lot of the fun photos are taken right here. Interesting Fact: this pattern is the same one on all the Hello Kitty Cafe official food trucks, mugs, and boxes! Definitely captures the spirit of the cafe, with all the donuts, cookies, and macarons. Now on the topic of macarons, onwards to Honey & Butter.

First of all, let me apologize for the image quality, these 2 photos were taken on my cellphone. But even with the terrible quality, you can tell these macarons were delicious. Look at those smiles! Honey & Butter is one of the most popular macaron shops in SoCal. They hand-make all of their goods, thus supplies are limited. These yummy treats often go sold-out halfway through the day! H&B’s most popular item? Character/Creature macarons. Basically, they’re sweets designed to look like a specific animal or fictional character.  My favorite characters from them are the Disney Princesses, Totoro, and Pokemon.

Honey & Butter has two locations, at The Lab and the Irvine Spectrum. While I love both, between the two, the Spectrum site wins. Why? Because of the decor. Plushies and Tsum Tsums galore! Perhaps 100 of them. In addition to eating cute Disney things, you can see cute Disney things. Overall, the Tsums really add a nice touch to the shop, it’s not often (if ever) you see them used in interior design. The swing’s fluffy macaron pillows are also a lovely touch. Seriously, where can I get some? Definitely photo-op worthy. Especially against the chalk-board background, it has such a playful vibe to it. Looks like Honey & Butter perfectly created a fun setting to eat fun food in!

friends at honey & butter

All in all, my friends and I had a great time. Even if all that sugar gave us upset stomachs. Seriously, no dessert for ten years. Next time you’re at the Irvine Spectrum Center, be sure to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe and Honey & Butter. Sweets are great, and a sweet environment to eat them in is even better!

Finally, the Shopping Recommendations. Pick up a pair of Totoro socks or Kitty shoes and have fun! Most importantly, use my code Chiffon” for 10% off the items below and any order from Sanrense!


Comment below, would you like to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe or Honey & Butter? If you’ve already been, tell me your experience!

Until next time!


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