The Main Piece: Pink Pleated Maxi

When I was browsing through some of my favorite online shops, this pink pleated maxi caught my eye. It’s got my two favorite vibes: pink and girly. While at the same time its simple, and goes along great with the rest of my wardrobe. Pleated skirts are great because of their minimalism and versatility. Every gal’s got to have one, and I’m glad I found the one that’s right for me.

The Palette: Sugar & Spice

At first, my first reaction was to wear this skirt with gold or white. However I decided on black as it would really make the pink pop. Plus I could wear these fluffy sandals from Japanese-brand Rosemarie Seoir/Syrup which match nicely. (They’re sold-out, but you can buy a similar pair here.) The clear heels have silver glitter in them! Perhaps a silver top would’ve worked with my pleated skirt as well, but black and pink color schemes are always my top choice.

The Accessories: Minimal, but tasteful

Along with my fluffy heels, I wore this pair of Heart Sunglasses from WEGO, and a simple rhinestone black choker. (Low-key channeling the LARME magazine vibes haha.) As for my hair, it’s really long and rather difficult to get any volume in it. So I was really happy with how elegant this up-do turned out. All it took was a bit of teasing, and the use of a bun donutA bun donut is just a circular accessory that you pull a ponytail through, and then pin your hair around. It’s exactly as it sounds!

Anyways I’ll be keeping the post short, but I hope you enjoyed seeing this pink pleated skirt. Pleats have always been a favorite detailing of mine. They’re just so refined and feminine, especially on a maxi. Comment below and tell me your most beloved pleated garments. I’m always on the hunt for more!

And as always, the shopping recommendations!

Until next time lovelies!



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  1. Great post! Personally, I love pleated skirts and have them in white, black and navy. They are great for professional use and I wear them with bright button front cardigans, for a casual yet elegant look. Definitely a must have!

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