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One of the things that takes up the most time in a blogger’s life is networking. I’m always on the hunt for brands to work with, gals to collaborate with,  and people with similar fashion taste. In my most recent search, I discovered a brand filled with the things I love: girlyness and originality. Allow me to introduce you to Sugar Coma, Candy-coated Apparel for Dolls of ALL Sizes.” Founded by fashion designer Sarah Judy in 2012, SC hand-makes their garments with pastel palettes and lots of cute vibes. You’ll find baby blue shorts, silver dresses, and big bows! In addition to their kawaii aesthetics, Sugar Coma also carries sizes XS-XXXL, plus custom sizing upon request. Major points in my book! After I fell in love with their designs, I contacted Sarah and we decided to collaborate. Click below to see the lookbook! 

sugar coma clothing chiffon fleur

The Main-Pieces:
Sweet Tart Baby Blue Shorts
Baby Blue Kitten Tee

I received the Sweet Tart Baby Blue Shorts, and the Baby Blue Kitten Tee, linked above. (Both of which also come in pink, and the Sweet Tart series has a pants version as well.) Let me start with the shorts; they’re officially my new favorites! Not just because of the adorable plaid, but because of the detailing on them. Both leg openings of the shorts have ruffles on them, which add a nice bit of flair. There’s mini bows on each side as well; subtle but definitely sweet. In addition to looking good, these shorts feel good too. The fabric is super soft, and really breathable.

The Kitten tee has a similar softness as well, plus the baby-blue color goes great with anything. Probably one of my favorite parts about the top  is the little paw print, it’s such a cute design! (Who doesn’t love kittens? I’d be the biggest crazy-cat lady if I wasn’t deathly allergic.) The top is also halter-cut, a favorite style of mine. It shows off my shoulders, which I love since I’m usually a huge prude who keeps them covered. Points to this little top for flirty vibes!

Moving on to another important aspect of the garments, the fit. Because of the rise of fast-fashion, many girls have a hard time finding clothing that fits correctly. All too often you’ll find a dress that you love, but can’t buy due to sizing issues. (Or just flat-out bad seamstress work.) Hence I was thrilled to see that both the Sweet Tart shorts and Kitten Tee matched the measurements listed for my size and were flattering for my body type.  The short’s waist-band actually fits at my waist, which is a rare occurrence.

sugar coma clothing chiffon fleur
The Accessories: Adorable

Finally, the finishing touch of the look, the accessories. For the Sweet Tart series, there’s a Set of 2 Bows and the Mega Bow Clip, I preferred the latter. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the Lolita-fashion community, but I’ve become addicted to giant bows! (Thanks Angelic Pretty.) But in all seriousness, the larger hair accessories work better with my long hair. As cute as the mini ones are, I think they’d be better on a gal with shorter hair.

Since this outfit was Cat-themed, all my other accessories were made of faux fur. The fluffy earrings are from The Lolita Collective, the fur sandals are from Swankiss, and the Bunny-ear purse is from Starry Petals. As cliché as it is, I really want a Kitten purse to go with this outfit. Or perhaps a cute jacket with cat ears on the hood?

sugar coma clothing glow in the dark
The Secret: Glow in the Dark!

If you saw my recent Instagram posts, you’ve probably wanted to know what the special secret of the Kitten Tee was. And now you can see it for yourself. That’s right, “Kittenglows in the dark! You can be adorable in the day and at night. Next time I’m out in the town, I’m definitely wearing this top.

TBH I had no idea that it glows in the dark, it caught me by surprise. (Hence the poor image quality which I apologize for, it’s not easy taking photos in the dark!) Nevertheless, it was truly a wonderful surprise. I loved those Glow in the Dark stars, moons, and planets as a child. Had them all over the wall right next to my bed. Oh to be a kid again…

Overall, I’m very happy with my products from Sugar Coma. The shorts fit perfectly, the megabow is adorable, and now I have a Glow in the Dark tee! If you’re looking for a Kawaii-esq brand that has generous sizing, made in the USA, has an English-language website, and want to support a small business, look no further than here!

And as always, my Shopping Recommendations of products I like most from SC:

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