, is it legit? Yes.

First of all, let me be 100% honest, the tops you see above and the hat were sent to me. However, I wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t genuinely like the products, or felt they were of quality not befitting the price. Bottomline, I got the products I asked for, and am happy with how they turned out. Very happy, actually. (Plus these reviews put my mind at ease.)

Zaful is a site that specializes in trendy apparel for a low price. Choker dresses, leather pencil skirts, and heart sunglasses to name a few. I decided to create two different looks using the items I received. A somewhat grunge look, and a Japanese-style Larme-kei look.

Look #1 Zaful items: Pink Choker-top & Black Floppy Hat

In addition to my obsession with pink/black color schemes, I’ve fallen in love with the Choker-Clothing trend. Essentially, it’s a trend where a garment has a matching choker attached to it. Pretty self-explanatory. So for Look #1, the thought process was simple: I’ll combine my preferred color scheme and one of my favorite fashion trends. (I’ll be doing a post on the choker trend later!)

What I like most about this top is that it has a loose-fit. This is definitely a nice design choice, as most choker-shirts are very form-fitting/tight. Zaful gets points for originality! I love that it’s cropped as well, so I can wear all those high-waisted skirts and shorts. Though I’ll admit, the color isn’t as bright as the official photo shows. Nevertheless, I prefer it this way since a brighter pink probably wouldn’t have suited the vibe of this outfit as well.

zaful review choker top

As for the black floppy hat, it great with my leather skirt and shoes. Then again, what wouldn’t this hat work with? I had hunted for a versatile hat like this for literally months, it’s the  rather stereotypical blogger hat. (Clearly you can’t be a real blogger without one/s.) But joking aside, a little black hat like this is great for both keeping the sun off your face and looking cool. It’s great for all kinds of gals. Those into alternative fashion, upscale looks, and everything in between. Though if black isn’t your thing, no need to worry. The floppy hat also comes in royal blue, mocha, and wine/bordeaux.

Look #2 Zaful item: Black Heart cut-out Shirt

The heart cut-out trend is another one of my favorite fashion trends. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you can see I wore it a lot when it started gaining popularity in the US last winter. (Examples here and here.) However unlike my faux-fur heart sweater, this top is way easier to wear since it’s cotton. It’s almost always hot here in SoCal, even in September. No thick fabrics for me, thank you very much!

I decided to wear my new threads with some Larme-kei brand items, including this garter skirt from Honey Cinnamon, plus this pair of Bow pumps from Mon Lily. The garter skirt is in lavender which I rarely wear, as it’s more difficult to coord as opposed to pink. Yet even so, the skirt looked nice with a black/white color scheme.

zaful review larme kei honey cinnamon

One last detail that really made me fall in love with this top is how clean-cut the heart is. All too often I’ve purchased heart cut-out items to find out that the heart looks rather wonky. (Sometimes it doesn’t look like a heart at all haha.) So to my great relief, this shirt matched the photo exactly. Next time Zaful contacts me, I’ll probably ask for another one, maybe the white or red version.

bella terra casey's cupcakes
Bonus: Casey’s Cupcakes

While we were out doing the 2nd part of this shoot, photographer Advanced Aperture and I took a break at Casey’s Cupcakes! If you’re ever at the Bella Terra in Huntington Beach, you gotta check this place out! My favorite item is the Strawberry Cake pop.

Anyways, if you enjoyed this Zaful review, feel free to share it with friends! Comment below which look you prefer, and which item was your favorite.

And as always, here’s the Shopping Recommendations for related items from Zaful!

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