Ficklewish – A J-fashionsta’s Paradise (besides Japan itself)

As a LA native who’s loved Japanese culture since she was young, I’m in the Little Tokyo district a lot. I’ve spent hours in the Kinokuniya bookstore, the James Irvine Gardens, the LED Portal, and have been to many Harajuku Fashion meets. Recently, my favorite spot in LT has been Fickle Wish. Fickle Wish is Little Tokyo’s newest Kawaii clothing store, filled with popular Japanese brands like SWIMMER, Galaxxy, and Milklim to name a few. While it isn’t the first J-fashion store to exist in Downtown LA, it’s still pretty different and brings a breath of fresh air to local kawaii addicts. Last weekend, I went to Fickle Wish’s Art Market and had a chance to snap some photos. Click below to see more in-depth!

fickle wish art marketFickle wish little tokyo art marketfickle wish little tokyo japanese fashion

The first things you see

When you step into the shop, you’re instantly greeted by a rainbow of pastels. Baby blue dresses, pink backpacks, and lavender skirts, not to mention mint-colored walls. I love how everything on the wall is arranged, it’s so much more convenient for shopping than skimming through rack after rack. The garment are displayed in a very visually pleasing way and it makes for great photos. I wish I could put all my clothes up on a wall, it’s so much more aesthetic than my closet.

Fickle Wish also has a lot of adorable accessories and knickknacks as well. AMUSE plushies, anime decals, and lots of purses. My favorite purses being the bunny backpacks. Look how fluffy they are! These accessories are quite versatile too. That white carriage purse would go with nearly every item I own.

fickle wish little tokyo fickle wish art market fickle wish amuse plushies

For those who can’t go to Japan, find it too difficult to navigate Japanese websites, or simply want to try on Kawaii clothes in person, Fickle Wish is for you. Even though I can read Japanese, and understand the complexities of ordering overseas, I still find that in-person shops are incredibly useful. For one, it’s always great to have easier access to foreign garments. But more importantly, boutiques like this bring a sense of community. The Japanese fashion/alt fashion comm isn’t too big so you’re bound to run into someone you know. At Fickle Wish’s Art Market, I ran into two of my Lolita friends, a few associates from Instagram, and even an old buddy of mine from junior high! It’s a small world isn’t it?

dsc_0046 dsc_0047
The Art Market

Essentially, the point of the Fickle Wish Art Market is to promote local small Kawaii brands. Brands that do hair pieces, jewelry, and all kinds of accessories. The first vendor I visited was Kiyoi’s Kustoms. Kiyoi specializes in adorable deco-den phone cases. There were so many to choose from. Every time I thought I found my favorite case, another one caught my eye! Some of them had pretty cosmetics, some had anime references, and a lot were Halloween-themed. Kiyoi herself was super nice and pleasant to be around, definitely a great gal with a great brand to match. Next time you’re in need of a new case, you know where to go.

creepy kitty shop fickle wish art marketfickle wish art market

The next vendors I went to were Miss Alphabet (shown left) and Creepy Kitty Shop (shown right.) A funny thing happened when I came over to their booth. I was admiring all the cute items for sale when they said they recognized me from Instagram! Knew my username and everything. We were mutuals and had no idea we’d be at the same event, so that was a lovely surprise. These gals were the sweetest!

Moving on, I’ll talk about the products/brands themselves. Miss Alphabet sells adorable Fairy-kei clothing. Including printed bloomers, fluffy earrings, and deco sunglasses! My favorite were the pair of pink heart sunglasses with mint cosmetics on them. If you like pastel 80s aesthetics, check out her store!

Creepy Kitty Shop specializes in fluffy animal accessories, like ribbon cat ears and heart bear necklaces. I really liked the kitten brooches, they’re definitely a must-have if you’re a feline fan. Plus I have so many faux-fur accessories that would go great with it. Love little critters and bows? Then you’ll love Creepy Kitty Shop!

fickle wish art market
Me at Fickle Wish. Outfit rundown: Top: OwlxFish. Skirt: SheIn Choker: Rose Gal Earrings: HimiFashion

At the end of the day, I was so happy to have gone to Fickle Wish and have seen their Art Market. The shopgirls were lovely as always, the vendors had great products, and overall the atmosphere was fun and exciting.

If you like Fickle Wish, feel free to share this post! It’d be great for a such a new shop to get more business, they’re definitely worth it. Here’s to hoping that Fickle Wish has a long and prosperous run!

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