Leather – Elegant or Edgy?

Leather is a fabric that is both refined or tough. It can come in the form of classy heels, spiked jackets, business briefcases, etc. Unlike velvet (often associated with women) or houndstooth (usually considered masculine), leather is unisex. In short, it’s a very versatile element in fashion. Every gal needs a leather skirt. This pencil skirt from SheIn (shown above) is my new favorite garment because of the all the different ways you can wear it. Click below to see four outfits I put together using this same skirt. 

leather pencil skirtleather pencil skirt
Outfit #1: Pink/black
50% Girly, %50 Dark

Outfit rundown: OwlxFish “Too Busy” Top, black jeweled choker, HimiFashion fluffy earrings, Rosemarie Seoir fluffy sandals (my pair are from last year, the one linked is the newer version,) and the leather pencil skirt.

This look’s color palette is pink and black to give it both sugary and spicy vibes. I’ve always loved feminine things like hearts and fluff, but I also lean towards alternative and edgy styles. Previously, I didn’t think it’d be possible to combine two opposing aesthetics, but after browsing through Japanese LARME magazines I found it could definitely work. Though I’m from California, so I added more western-styling. Nevertheless, my inspiration for this outfit originated with LARME.

Girly elements of this look:

1. Pastels! Pink being my main choice but lavender, blue, and mint, would’ve been great as well.
2. Items with a delicate feel, which are a must for any girl look. I chose heart-shaped accessories, fluffy earrings, a choker, and boudoir shoes.
3. Styled hair is truly elegant and can give your outfit a more formal vibe. I went with an up-do not just to showcase the earrings but also to feel more lady-like.

Dark elements of this look:

1. The Black skirt, self-explanatory. Though grey, beige, or white would’ve worked as well.
2. A T-shirt instead of a blouse. Tees are much more casual than shirts and can have prints or words on them to make a statement. Mine says “Too Busy” and it’s an accurate portrayal of my current schedule!
3. Minimal accessories are generally the best when trying to lessen the cutesy side of an outfit. I chose only earrings and necklaces, as opposed to a bunch of bracelets or a giant hairpiece.

Outfit #2: Leopard/Velvet
40% Girly, 60% Dark

Outfit rundown: Leopard jacket, black fur purse, velvet heart choker, grey velvet camisole, grey velvet pumps, and the same skirt.

According to Vogue and other international fashion magazines, leopard is the huge trend this Autumn/Winter. So I picked out this cute little leopard jacket and a fur purse to match. (Low-key channeling those cat vibes haha.) And because it’ll be getting colder out, now’s a good time to get some velvet. But not real velvet, at least not where I live. As I write this, it’s almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for style 😉

Girly elements of this look:

1. Fabrics like fur, velvet, and of course animal print. Not that guys can’t wear them, it’s just that they’re typically not found in menswear that often.
2. Pumps instead of flats. The most girly shoe in existence is probably the pump. Flats are great but heels are definitely more elegant and mature.

Dark elements of this look:

1. Lack of detailing on the items. There’s no frills, bows, or lace.
2. All the garments have a mature cut. The leopard piece is a bomber jacket, which historically has been associated with toughness, masculinity, and sports. And the camisole is loose-cut which also adds to this affect.
3. Mostly Monochrome colors. Since this outfit is mostly gray-scale it definitely goes more into the edgy territory than the cutesy territory.

Outfit #3: Cotton Candy Hearts
85% Girly, 15% Dark

Outfit rundown: Pink/blue heart sweater, organza ribbon blouse, pink/blue heart sunglasses, pink velvet pumps, and of course, the leather skirt.

Along with my pink/black obsession, I’ve also been exploring pink/blue color schemes. It reminds me of cotton candy, a huge indulgence of mine. For this look I decided to do more layering and playing around with different textures. From the waist down are the heavy fabrics, velvet and leather. The waist up has lighter materials, cotton and organza.

Girly elements of this look:

1. Matching motifs, both in shape (heart) and in color (pink/blue.)
2. Airy/light fabrics like the organza ribbon blouse, and the cotton sweater.
3. This look has a modest silhouette, nearly no skin is showing, and the layering adds to the formal/conservative feel.

Dark elements of this look:

1. Really the only thing is the leather skirt. Especially since the skirt is pencil-cut, and not a-line.

Outfit #4: Monochrome-only
20% Girly 80% Dark

Outfit rundown: Black/white lace-up top, black wide-brim hat, leather lace-up boots, striped backpack, and surely by now you know the skirt

After reading through the amazing blog Fashion Grunge, I was (not surprisingly) inspired to do a grunge-type look with this leather skirt. Similar to the look I wore here. I’ve always been interested in Kawaii alternative fashion, so it’s fun to experiment with a more punk side. Nothing wrong with the occasional style change!

Girly elements of this look:

1. The lace-ups, on both the top and boots. There’s just something so elegant about it, perhaps because it minds me of corsets.
2. Crop top instead of a full-length shirt. By their very nature they’re cutesy, feminine, and overall have a more young vibe than longer blouses.

Dark elements of this look:

1. Using a wide-brim hat, essentially the modern witch’s hat. Seriously I can’t be the only one who gets spooky vibes from them! (In a good way.)
2. Most of the outfit is black with the only accent color being white (another neutral.)
3. Backpack instead of a purse. Purses are definitely very girly, while backpacks are more unisex and casual.

I’m very happy with my leather skirt from SheIn its inspired me to try new styles. Every gal deserves a versatile piece like this. They can work with feminine styles, street wear, business clothing, or alternative fashions. I can’t believe how long I spent without one. Tell me which outfit was your favorite, I’d love to hear it! 🙂

In case you wanted more inspiration, below are photos from different magazines and ad campaigns showing other great ways to wear leather. Including shots from Vogue, LARME, celebrities, and shopgirls.

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