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If you know me, you’ll know I have a major sweet-tooth. I love cookies, cupcakes, and all things sugary. And like most women, I like jewelry. So to me, nothing is sweeter than dessert-themed jewelry!

Allow me to introduce you to Piece of Cake Jewelry. Founded in Greece in 2011, Piece of Cake specializes in delicious accessories that make your mouth water. Including yummy Cupcake earrings, delicious donut rings, and adorable lollipop necklaces to name a few. (All of which you can buy for 15% off using my discount code “CHIFFON.” 🙂 ) Each item is handmade from scratch with polymer clay; a modeling clay used for art, decorative parts, and other commercial applications. But most importantly, all the miniatures are made with LOVE! Click below to see detailed pictures of these cupcake earrings from Piece of Cake Jewelry.  

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Why I chose Cupcake Heart Earrings 

Probably my favorite type of sweets are strawberry-flavored ones. Not just because they taste good, but also because they’re my favorite color, pink. When I was browsing through Piece of Cake Jewelry’s products, I instantly knew that these cupcake earrings were perfect for me. They go great with the rest of my wardrobe, which is mainly pink. They also look nice with variety of other clothes I want too. Including this cupcake skirt, this adorable sweater, and this tasty t-shirt. Moving on, let’s talk about the earrings themselves.

Why I love these earrings

The cupcake earrings are very light-weight. They’re roughly 2cm in size, making them the perfect length and not too heavy. (It’d be kinda odd to have a heavy weight on such a fluffy dessert!) Heart sprinkles, icing, and frosting also add to the feeling of fluffiness. It looks like a real cupcake, doesn’t it? Though what I love most about this pair cupcakes is the color-scheme. You’ll see a vanilla color on the bottom, and then 3 different shades of pink on top. A pale pink for the frosting, a vibrant bubblegum pink for the icing, and a darker pink for the hearts. It’s such a nice touch and very detailed. I’m feeling hungry already!

All in all, I’m extremely happy with Piece of Cake Jewelry. The earrings were as sweet as I imagined them, the brand was a pleasure to work with, and their products I can genuinely recommend and be excited about. It’s very important to support small businesses, especially ones with kind workers and quality jewelry. Plus who doesn’t like sugary accessories? 😉

If you’re interested in more dessert-themed items, be sure to use my discount code “CHIFFON” for 15% off any of the items! And check out my other favorite pieces below, you won’t regret it.


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