Outfit rundown: Blouse: Swankiss. Skirt: Make Me Chic. Shoes: American Apparel. Choker:  RoseGal

I love: Cherry Blossoms

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved sakura trees/cherry blossoms. Probably because they were pink. Or more likely because I was a huge weeb. I loved magical girl animes like Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, and oddly enough some violent ones as well like Claymore or Higurashi. I must still have some nerd tendencies in me, shown by the fact that I fell in love with this sakura blossom skirt at first sight. Click the button below to read more!


Along with the soft florals, is the soft fabric. Even though it’s a polyester, it’s quite silky smooth. Thankfully it isn’t see-through or sheer either, which I find all to often on white skirts. Another aspect I love is that the colors are all accurate to the photo. The pink is pale and has cute magenta/red accents. The branches’ brown is a delicate mocha color. Usually this many colors would clash, but against a neutral color (white) it all comes together.


To bring out the darker pink/red on the skirt, I coordinated it with a cardigan from White House Black Market of the same color. It’s finally getting cooler here in California, so it’s the proper time for sweaters. Especially a light-weight one like this, that way it won’t detract from the soft feeling of the cherry blossom skirt. And since I knew I’d be taking photos of a garment with pink trees, I needed a place to match…

silk floss trees fullerton
silk floss trees fullerton

While these flowers aren’t sakura blossoms, they’re still gorgeous. According to a conversation I had on Twitter, these are most likely Silk Floss trees. It’s rather surprising to see them blooming in the middle of October. Then again I don’t know much about trees, perhaps that’s normal. I would’ve loved to get more photos of the Silk Flosses but sadly there were a bit too many cars in the way. They really match the sakura skirt, don’t they?

All in all

At the end of the day, I’m very happy with this Cherry Blossom skirt from Make Me Chic. The fabric is delicate, the pleats are soft, and the pattern is on point. While I am moving away from my weeaboo roots, I love using Japanese-styled things into my wardrobe in a more mature way. Now that I’m in college (just started FIDM actually) I want to expand my fashion horizon more and try different things. No one can see the future, but I know that exciting things are coming! (You’ll see soon.) 😉

Finally, here’s the Shopping Recommendations for other adorable items from this brand:


See you again soon!

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