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Bling Up – Handmade Japanese Nail Art

Here’s an embarrassing confession: I have never worn acrylic nails. I’ve always wanted to but because of my usually small nails, none of the acrylics in beauty stores fit me. But thanks to Bling Up, my dreams of having beautiful deco nails have finally come true. Bling Up hand-makes nail tips with gorgeous, intricate designs perfect for any girl. You’ll find nails perfect for Larme, Lolita, Gyaru, and everything in between. Since I’m obsessed with pink/black, I knew these nails were perfect for me. They’re not as extravagant as the other nails on Bling Up’s site, nevertheless I love their minimal design. Just a few bows and romantic touches are enough for me. Anyways, click below to read my review on these Pink and Black Ribbon Nails!

bling up nail review bling up japanese nails review
Bling Up’s Perks

What I love most about Bling Up is how helpful they are to their fans. I didn’t know anything about acrylic nails but they provided me with all the information I needed about how to measure my nails, the acrylics themselves, and how to put them on. When you receive a package from Bling Up, you’ll see your nails carefully displayed in a beautiful pink and white box. In it, is a heart-shaped nail filer, glue, double-sided tape, and instructions for how to put on your new tips.

The two different methods of putting on your nails are the tape method and glue method. They’re self-explanatory, one uses double-sided tape and the other uses glue. I chose the tape method as you can re-use the nails again. I only wore them for a short bit but they never once fell off, nor did they break. Yay for a successful nail day!

bling up review japanese nails
Petite but Pretty

If you’re wondering exactly how small my nails are, I’ll list my measurements. From my thumb nails to piny nails: 1.4cm, .9cm, 1cm, .9cm, and .7cm. For reference, that makes every one of my nails (save for the thumb) smaller than even size XS. For more information on measuring your nails and sizing, I highly recommend checking out Bling Up’s measuring guide, as well as Kawaii Claw’s guide.

Overall I’m happy that Bling Up is able to work with women of ALL sizes, from petite to big-boned and everything in between. Like I’ve said before it’s absolutely crucial for a company to be flexible in their sizing, and that they offer custom nails is perfect. I used to be embarrassed about not having as cute nails as other girls, but thanks to my Pink & Black Ribbon Nails, no longer the case. Japanese Nail Art is utterly stunning, and I urge everyone to try it once in their life.

As always, here are my Shopping Recommendations for other great nail sets from Bling Up!

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