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Leopard is the biggest fashion trend for AW 2016. It’s not only being talked about in Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and Marie Claire, but Japanese magazines as well, like LARME and Popteen. I was never a fan of leopard, but lately I’ve been in love with it. A lot of gals are moving away from wearing leopard in the typical gaudy, Hollywood-esq way. Instead they’re wearing it in a more subdued, girly way.

I chose this dress not just because of the print, but because of the cut and fabric too. Long-sleeved dresses are always my preference, especially as it gets colder out. When choosing an item, I like to choose very soft fabrics, which this dress definitely has. It’s a very casual, laid-back type of dress. Most of my garments are formal, or modeled after eras long gone. (As in Rococo-styled dresses, vintage gowns, etc.)

For the rest of this outfit I went with fluffy pink things. (Aka my most favorite things!) The outerwear is the Jezebel Robe from the brand 24HRS, which I got from Dollskill. And yes it’s the same robe from my High Voltage Magazine shoot! These adorable fuzzy heels are from one of my most favorite Japanese brands, Swankiss. And finally for the purse, I sadly cannot remember where it’s from. But you can find similar stuffed animal bags from brands like Rosemarie Seoir, KATIE, and Angelic Pretty.

Sadly this post needs to be short, I’ve been incredibly busy this week with the US election, my birthday, and preparing to model for Haenuli at the PMX 2016 Fashion show. But stay tuned for more exciting things, including a giveaway!

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