pink and black trench coat vipme reviewOutfit Rundown:

Coat/コート: Lanjian sold on VIPme (also comes in grey, black, and red)
Top/トップス: Honey Mi Honey
Skirt/スカート: Bubbles Tokyo
Faux-fur clutch/カバン: (Shown below) Boohoo
Legwear/靴と靴下: WEGO
Other Accessories/アクセサリ: Himifashion

After quite a long hiatus, I’m happy to announce I’m taking a dive back into the blogging world. I’ve been too busy to blog lately (thanks finals) but since I finally completed my first quarter at FIDM, I’ll have more time on my hands. And goodness do I have some really interesting things to show you dolls. There’s lot’s of pretty clothes to see! (Including a little surprise at the end of this post.)

First of all what I’m most excited about this season is this beautiful trench coat from the brand Lanjian sold on VIPme! Now that it’s Winter I can put on some cute outerwear without dying of heat stroke. What drew me to this garment wasn’t just its color scheme (everyone knows by now, pink/black is my religion) but the cut. Since I have long legs and a rather short torso, it is difficult to find a coat that fits me right. All too often the waist never falls at my actual waist. But this trench fits perfectly and I love that it comes to just above my knee. It’s modest without being too traditional.

Another cool aspect about this coat is the visible stitching, which creates an interesting pattern. The stitches really bring out the black accents on the cuffs and pockets. What I love most about pink and black color schemes is the contrast in the garment and overall mood. I’m very girly and elegant, but also sarcastic and have love darker/alternative things. So it’s perfect for my personality.

At the end of the day,

I’m honestly really happy with how this coat turned out. While initially I hadn’t heard of VIPme, I’m thrilled to see that they’re a legitimate company that carries some GREAT brands! As an added bonus they were super professional to work with, their site is easy to use, and I genuinely like their products.

And since my readers mean a lot to me, here’s the surprise! It’s a Discount Code:
Use Chiffon469
 for $5 off all orders over $50! Yay for saving money for the New Year. Check out some of my biggest Shopping Recommendations for other cute items from VIPme (click to go to the item:)

As a final bonus, here are some other lovely Christmas shots we took at The Grove in Los Angeles after taking photos for this post:

Happy Holidays lovelies! Stay tuned for more~



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  1. I love a trench coat. I had a 3 season with a zip out liner. It was classic tan doublw breasted. I loved that coat. I wore it with my dark brown fedora. It was great. I loved those says. You look great in your coat.

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