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One of the biggest misconceptions I had about hair extensions was that they were only for girls with short hair. My hair is very long, so I never thought I would need them. However because my hair is so long and heavy, its hard to get a good amount of volume to it. Sure, with a lot of styling/curling I can get some amount of volume but it just isn’t the over-the-top look that I’m searching for. It never occurred to me until recently that extensions could give me a fuller, healthy look to my hair without any heat needed! Here’s Part 1 of my review of Irresistible Me hair extensions.

The Packaging

Before I even touch on the extensions themselves I want to remark on how adorable the packaging is. There’s a big emphasis on how products are packaged/displayed in the beauty industry, even more so than in fashion and apparel communities.  Since beauty products and cosmetics are so delicate, its important that they come in sturdy cases and have no chance of breaking. It’s easy to mend a dress, but certainly not hair. I was very pleased to see that my extensions came in flawless condition, just as silky as they are on their site.

Silky Touch Clip-ins, color: medium brown

My cellphone can’t do these clip-ins justice, they’re so much prettier than in the photos. Irresistible Me offers a variety of hair extensions but the ones I liked the most were the Silky Touch clip-ins, in the color medium brown. (ST is their best-selling line.) When you order hair from this collection you get a full set of 100% Remy human hair with tapered ends. It’s very natural-looking, great for any woman. Because I wanted maximum volume to my hair (but not necessarily length) I chose the 20″ length at 200g.

In this set you receive 10 different pieces: 1pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), and 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″) While that may not sound like a lot, its a lot more than you think. I couldn’t even take photos of all the pieces because I was drowning in hair! For the price of $89 (now on sale for $62) you get a great bang for your buck.

Though out of everything, the best part of the Silky Touch extensions is that you can wear them however you like. You can cut, color, and even heat style them to match your hair perfectly. They’re easily washable too! In my Part 2 post I’ll be covering exactly how I wear them, including a couple different hairstyles. Perhaps one day I’ll dye them and I’ll have the beautiful ombre hair I’ve always dreamed of.

Comment below and tell me which Irresistible Me hair-extensions are your favorite!

Until next time readers! Stay tuned for Part 2~



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