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Creme & Sugar – OC’s Most Magical Dessert Parlour

Like most young girls, one of my favorite fantasy creatures was the unicorn. As cliché as that sounds, what child isn’t attracted to pastel horses with superpowers? Fantasy creatures have been sources of inspiration and awe for centuries, both for adults and kids alike. Even though I’m in college, anything filled with pink, rainbows, and sparkles still catches my eye. After seeing some of the viral videos on Creme & Sugar’s secret menu item, Unicorn Hot ChocolateI knew I had to try it for myself. 

Important to know before you go:

Firstly, the line to get in is 2 hours. It’s then another 40min-1hr to get your food after placing your order. Make sure to go with other people, I can’t imagine how boring it would be to wait in that line alone. Get your younger siblings and/or children something to distract them, or else they’ll get cranky. Since Creme & Sugar has exploded with popularity, literally hundreds of people are lining up to get a taste of the magnificent unicorn food. I’m not joking when I say there was a line out the door and down the street. To thank all of the customers for waiting in this long line, the owner came out a brought everyone free unicorn bark!

The “bark” is a blend of white chocolate, cereal, marshmallows, and lots of other sweets. Each piece is beautifully decorated with lots of rainbows and pastels. Best of all, it tastes as delicious as it looks! I’m very picky about my chocolates (I prefer dark over white or milk) but this was absolutely phenomenal. Not too soft and not too crunchy, just the way I like it. While my group and I continued to wait in the 2-hour lone line, the staff also gave us free samples of their ice-cream. Despite it being Winter, I thoroughly enjoyed the rich and creamy samples. Thankfully after quite some time the line came to an end, and we tried two beverages.

Item #1: Unicorn Milkshake

Forget Ruby’s and McDonald’s, Creme & Sugar’s Unicorn Milkshake is the milkshake for sweet-lovers. Both in presentation and in taste. It comes in a giant glass jar and has all the sugary goodies you could want. There’s marshmallows, home-made cream, sprinkles, a rainbow gummy, and even cotton-candy ice-cream inside! It tastes like a lovely mix of gummy and ice-cream rather than a traditional milkshake. My mouth is watering as I write this. However I must warn you, don’t have it all in one sitting. (I learned the hard-way.) The glass is almost a foot tall and with all those sweets packed in, you’ll get a severe stomach-ache. Bring a loved one to share it!

Item #2: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

This one I enjoyed the most out of everything I tried. My favorite drink + adorable aesthetics = a wonderful time. Like the bark and milkshake, the hot chocolate features some of the same key ingredients. White chocolate, marshmallows, etc. But interestingly enough, even underneath all the cream and sprinkles, the beverage isn’t brown. It’s actually pink! I’ve never had a pink drink that didn’t taste like some sort of fruit so this was a great surprise. My only complaint (very minor) is that they delivered the hot chocolate roughly 20minutes before the milkshake. I waited to have my drink as I didn’t want to start before my SO did, and by the time we received both drinks, mine was lukewarm. However I later found out that their blender had broken, thus I don’t blame them at all.

Overall, Creme & Sugar is a wonderful establishment filled with attentive staff and absolutely delicious food. Their desserts and beverages are one-of-a-kind, look amazing, and taste even better. For the nearly overwhelming amount of food you receive, you definitely get your money’s worth. While the venue is small and lines are insanely long, if you’re a sugar-fanatic, this is the place to go. Support small and local businesses, it’s a nice change from fast-food chains and other typical restaurants.

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