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Why I Chose These Hair Extensions

As someone who’s always been fortunate enough to have long locks and a full head of hair, I never imagined myself using hair extensions (excluding my usual clip-in bangs.) I assumed it was only for gals who couldn’t grow long hair or had damaged hair, and so I never paid them any attention. I’ve always been complimented on my hair and its one of the first things people notice about me. Like many girls, my hairstyle is big part of my identity and how I view myself. However because of how used to I am to my hair, I find myself becoming bored with it often. I can never decide if I want bangs or not, if I like straight or curls better, if I should change the color, etc. Over the years I’ve purchased at least 12 wigs, a multitude of styling products, and studied countless tutorials.

When Irresistible Me contacted me asking if I’d like to try their Silky Touch extensions, I was very intrigued. After quite a bit of research, I found there were many girls just like me who were completely fine with their natural hair, but loved extensions because it for a variety of reasons. It gave them more volume, more styling choices, and most importantly, more hair to have fun with. If you saw Part 1 of my review, you’ll know I was very impressed at the professionalism of Irresistible Me and the quality of their products. Here in Part 2, we’ll take a look at the extensions in-use and all the benefits of them.

Using the Extensions

When it comes to clip-in extensions, you want to make sure they look as natural as possible. Be sure to attach them under your hair, right at the root. If you choose very voluminous or heavy weight ones, attach them higher to your head incase they slip. While my extensions didn’t slip, I felt when I clipped them in at the middle of my head and not near my neck, they just looked better.

One of the best things about clip-ins is how easy they are to take on and off. Unlike other types of extensions, you can detach them at any time. Even though it was my first time using extensions, it didn’t take me more than 10-15 minutes to put on. Out of everything in my morning routine, hair-styling takes by far the longest to do. Having fast and easy to apply hair products is essential to getting my day going. Especially when I’m running late and still need to save time for do my makeup or figure out what to wear.


I’ll admit, I may have chosen too-heavy of extensions for my particular body of hair. While yes, I did want more volume, someone like me with fine hair probably shouldn’t go with the 200g extensions. (The heaviest Irresistible Me offers.) The hair looked phenomenal and was a breeze to style, but after wearing them for 4-5 hours it started getting uncomfortable. If you already have a lot of hair and don’t want any added weight, go with the 100g or 140g extensions.

Aside from that, the extensions are still very comfy. They’re called Silky Touch for a reason; it feels exactly like the name says, silky. Just an absolute dream. It’s a wonderful change from some of the cheap wigs I’ve had with terrible fake hair and that irritated my skin. When I wore these extensions I didn’t have any redness, irritation, etc. In fact there were times I couldn’t even tell if I was touching my natural locks or the extensions!

Natural Looking

Another great part about these locks is how natural they are. It’s hard to find anything that matches my natural hair color, but the medium brown color was a great match. I had a lovely time out and about in town and not a single person could tell I was wearing extensions until after I told them. Not only are the colors spot-on, but the texture as well. As I said in my earlier post, the hair has tapered ends giving it the effect of normal hair.

Probably the best aspect of these locks is that you can style them however you want. My hair is straight, but lately I’ve been loving curls. I put my extensions in, curled my hair just as I normally would, and didn’t have a single issue. And if I wanted I could color them, straighten them, braid them, just like any other type of hair. But of course you don’t want to over-do it. Just because it’s “fake” hair doesn’t mean its indestructible. You still need to be gentle with the bleach, heat, and be sure to wash them every 10-20 wears. But hey, maintenance is a small price to pay in exchange for an entirely new look!

Overall my thoughts on Irresistible Me,

I’m very happy with my Silky Touch extensions from Irresistible Me. They’re easy to attach, feel just like my natural hair, and can be styled however I like. While I would’ve loved to have received more instructions or guidelines about picking the correct extensions for me, I’m pleased that with this product I was able to make a sparkling, new look. If you’re looking for new clip-ins, look no further. You’ve got yourself a winner.

Be sure to comment below your questions thoughts on hair extensions! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Until next time lovelies!



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  1. I must say that they look great on you. I can see how you can change your look in just a few in minutes. I can see lots of women using these, one day short hair the next long depending on what party she is going to. Looks beautiful..

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