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Happy Friday, dolls! If you saw my Instagram story a couple of weeks ago, you probably saw I was asked to make an appearance* at the Hello Kitty Cafe event in Glendale on February 11th. While I’ve blogged about the permanent cafe in Irvine, I’ve never taken the time to talk about the food truck. Throughout the year, the Hello Kitty Cafe sends their pop-up truck to different parts of the country, including Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and many places across California. (You can see all of their past and upcoming events on their Facebook page, linked above.) It’s kind of like a tour bus. However instead of music, they serve delicious desserts, sell adorable merchandise, and HK enthusiasts from all around come dressed up in their cutest outfits for yummy treats. Check out my review of the Hello Kitty Cafe Glendale Galleria event! 🙂

First Glances

Nearly every time I go out to a food truck event (especially from a popular brand like Sanrio) there’s a huge line. When I went to this particular food truck event last year, the wait was 2 hours. Likewise when I went to the Irvine location during it’s first few months of opening, it was also roughly the same amount of time before I could place my order. However the Hello Kitty Gods must’ve been smiling down upon us, because to my delight the line wasn’t over 20 minutes! (Of course this time as a blogger I didn’t need to go through the usual line but I’ve done so in the past and we all know it isn’t fun hahaha.) Must’ve been short because of how awful the weather was that week, us Californians were drowning from the rain and it was freezing all day.

Desserts Galore~

Once you get past the wait, you have 4 food items to choose from, (shown below.) At the event I was only given 2 cookie sets and some Bow Waters to try, but I’ve sampled the other foods in the past. My most favorite sweets from the Hello Kitty Cafe would be the Petit 4 Cakes set ($15). It’s a little box that has 4 different mini cakes, each with their own unique flavor. The macarons ($15) are yummy as well, especially with their rich texture and adorable packaging. (This photo was actually taken at last year’s event, hence the slight color difference. Current photo below.)

The cookies ($12) come perfectly wrapped in a set of 3, and while they tasted a bit plain to me, it’s probably the better option for someone who doesn’t want a super-sugary snack. My photographer/SO, who hates sweets actually really liked them! As for the water ($3), it’s just regular water. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, can’t have a cafe that doesn’t serve water haha.

Like I said early, there’s also a variety of merchandise you can buy. Including a coffee mug ($13), a t-shirt ($25), and a tote bag if your purchase is over $25. The tote bag is sturdy enough but I do wish it was bigger. I’ve never tried the t-shirt but I do have the mug and it’s as cute as the photos show. Best yet, with every mug you purchase, you receive a cute Hello Kitty Cafe pin!

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Hello Kitty Cafe continues to impress me with their staff’s professionalism, dedication to their customers, and yummy treats. I’ve been to their permanent cafe and their pop-up truck, and both have made me satisfied. My only complaint would be that I’ve love for more nutritional labeling on the packages themselves, but I’m sure the servers are well-trained enough to know whats in the food. If you’re a Sanrio-lover, you need to check this place out. It’s Hello Kitty Heaven.

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Until next time readers!



*While Public Relations asked me to appear and blog about the Cafe, all thoughts are still my own. I did not receive any monetary benefit, only free merch/food. 🙂

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