bling up boutiqueThe BlingUp Boutique at a Glance

In my previous write-up of BlingUp & Co last October, you’ll know I how thrilled I was to find a brand that does beautiful, custom-size nails designs. To add the cherry on top, they recently just opened a cute little boutique right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (453 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA.) Inside it is a heaven of extravagant Japanese nail art, gorgeously detailed apparel, fancy deco cases, and all kinds of sparkly trinkets. Come take a glimpse at LA’s newest kawaii-fashion and accessories shop. Truly a gem you can’t miss!

Upon Entering

When you first walk in, you’re immediately greeted by a variety of beautiful pastels, silky white curtains, and shiny lights. To the left, you have all the newest Ronova designs. On your right, are all the nail-sets and other manicure products. In the next room over, BB&Deco’s fairytale-like jewelry can be found. (Ronova & BB are also owned by BlingUp for those of you who didn’t know.)

Fluffy Heaven!

What I love most about these Ronova panniers is how much exquisite detail was put in! I’ve never seen ones that had so much lace, not to mention the little crosses and jewels. While these can function as a petticoat, they can also be worn on their own. Best yet, they come in nearly every shade you can think of. Gothic blacks, mint greens, bubblegum pink, etc.

This right here is the holy-grail of nail displays! I counted at least 90 nail sets. You can see the close-ups on BlingUp’s website, or on my previously released photos on Instagram here, here, and here. (I didn’t take any other close-ups of this wall as some of these designs have yet to be released.

Decoden Dreams

Moving on to the next room, you’ll discover all kinds of cute knickknacks. There’s the most recent BB designs, along with some amazing pieces that aren’t for sale but they make for great decorations. My favorites were definitely the phone cases. I’ve always had a soft spot for extravagant cases, as you guys have no-doubt seen on my IG and Story. However I never thought you could add deco to a mirror, it was the first time I saw something like it. It’s a smart idea because lets face it, we’re all prone to losing our hand-held mirrors in our purses.

What truly amazes me about this place is that all the items inside are hand-made. The lampshade, the mirror, the jewelry box, the hat box, even the scepter. It truly shows the artistic talent of the brand and their dedication to the creative process. All too often companies skimp out on supplies or materials, and it shows in their products. This hasn’t been the case with BlingUp & Co, and I can truly say that with honesty. Authenticity is one of the most important things and I’ve found nothing but positivity and warmth when working with them. Check this place out if you’re in the LA Area! And better yet, come to the LA Lolitas x BlingUp tea party, you won’t want to miss it. 😉

As a bonus, here are some other great-places that are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area:

1. The Last Bookstore
2. LA Theatre Center
3. DTLA Art Walk
4. Grand Central Market
5. Blue Bottle Coffee

Until next time beauties!


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