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Virivee – Fantasy Legwear & Quirky Designs

In the words of Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of Chanel and Fendi), “There is no beauty without strangeness.” Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawn to things that were a little out of the box, unusual, and either far in the past or far ahead of the times. Whether that be pink vintage robes, fluff-ball earrings, or poofy Lolita dresses straight from Tokyo. After experimenting with a variety of fashions, girly accessories, even Japanese nail art, I want to yet again expand my horizon. This time to the world of decorative tights and extravagant legwear. Allow me to introduce you to Virivee.

Virivee is a Hungarian brand founded by Viri Vig in 2012 that specializes in the art of hand-printed tights. Their product lines consist of beautifully patterned and high quality designs, including a mermaid collection, an ombre collection, patch tights, and much more. When they contacted me asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their tights, I was ecstatic. I chose a pair of pink mermaid tights, a pink ombre pair, and even received a surprise Budapest sheer pair. If the thought of fantasy apparel and quirky designs appeals to you, read below!

Tights #1: Pink Mermaid Tights

Now I know that in a lot of reviews bloggers save their favorite item for last, but I’m going to jump right into my most-liked pair: the pink mermaid tights. The first thing that appeared in my mind when I put these on were “Wow, it looks like I have tattoos!” While I’ve always thought having a tattoo would be cute, I don’t like the stigma (or pain) associated with them, so having a pair of tights like this really fulfills my fantasy. And when I wore them to class I got so many compliments for how unique they are. Not just because they look like actual scales, but because they have the perfect amount of shine without looking cheap. Best yet, they come in a variety of other colors like silver, gold, green, black, and rainbow!

When it comes to the durability of the tights, I’ll admit they’re a bit thinner than I was expecting. This is great because of how hot it gets in California, but I am a bit worried that they’ll rip, snag on something, or tear down fast. Thus this pair I’ll save for special occasions. However I’m very happy that the fit is flawless. Virivee has multiple sizes for all of their tights, and size 1/size small fit me the best. The mermaid tights are a perfect combination of style, fit, and fantasy!

Mermaid Tights Rundown:

Design: 5/5
Fit: 5/5
Durability: 4/5
Overall: 4.9/5

Tights #2: Pink Ombre Tights

Moving on to the second pair of tights, the pink ombre tights. What I love most about this color scheme is that it reminds me of ice-cream and cotton candy! This pair is more wearable too, given the fact that it’s not too over-the-top and it has very good durability. I love how thick the fabric is, and it’s much softer than other pairs of legwear that I’ve owned. The coloring is absolutely on point, not at all faded and matches the stock photos. One problem I’ve had with owning other tights in the past is that they seem a lot more faded in the photos than online. Another problem with online-shopping is fit, but I’m thrilled to say these ombre tights fit just as well as the mermaid tights.

While I would’ve preferred for the dark pink to have a little less intensity, I’m still very happy with the ombre design. In this collection there’s over 25 different designs! Including pink-sapphire, pink-turquoise, purple-black, ivory-mint, and more! I’d love to hear about your favorite ombre pair, so comment below and tell me which you’d like to buy!

Ombre Tights Rundown:

Design: 4.7/5
Fit: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
Overall: 4.9/5

Tights #3: Budapest Sheer Tights

Finally the last pair, the Budapest tights! Since this pair was a total surprise, I didn’t have much of an outfit to coordinate with them. Nevertheless their sheer design is very cool and went great with my pink YRU oxfords. I also love the interesting arrangement of the circles. While usually I’m not a fan of asymmetrical designs, these tights won my heart over because they reminded me of little moons. Like the other pairs, the fit is wonderful but the tights are slightly thinner than I would’ve wanted. Nevertheless they’re super flattering, soft, and have a completely original style.

Budapest Sheer Tights Rundown:

Design: 4.2/5
Fit: 5/5
Durability: 4/5
Overall: 4.4/5

All in all, Virivee has amazed me with their high-quality fabrics, variety of sizing options, and attention to detailed prints. Their site is easy to use, all materials are toxic-free, and I love that they care about their fan base. Did I mention they have 60-day returns too? After experimenting with these beauties I can definitely see the realm of legwear has a lot to offer. Next time you’re looking for that special something to spice up an outfit, get a pair of cute tights or socks.

Until next time lovelies! There’s some majorly exciting things coming up, so stay tuned!



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  1. I used to love quirky tights when I was in my teens but now I berely ever wear them. Even in the winter I will mostly go without (people always gasp wondering if I’m cold but it’s actually not bad at all.) Majority of the time I prefer the lool of bare legs. Those mermaid tights are really creative though. And look great with your coord.

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