Recently I’ve been studying the “language” of flowers, which has always been a thing of intrigue to me. It’s so interesting to see what a daisy symbolizes versus a tulip or rose. Pink roses stand for gratitude, friendship, and gracefulness. While in contrast, a red rose can be a symbol for romantic love, and passion. Nothing makes me happier than seeing beautiful flowers, both on my clothing and in person. So when SheIn sent me this beautiful rose maxi to review, I was absolutely ecstatic. 

This new dress has the utmost exquisite detailing. All the different types of flowers, the blue-birds, and the intensity of the green leaves make it so wonderful. I love how long the dress is too, it really makes it much more elegant and mature than a shorter dress would be. In making my wardrobe I always look for pieces that aren’t just feminine, but carry an element of class and beauty as well. For me, it isn’t enough to be cute, but to be graceful too. Just like how different flowers can tell different stories, so too can the clothing we wear.

All in all I am very happy with my SheIn products. My new rose dress looks just like the photos and matches the measurements exactly. I’ve been a fan of theirs for almost a year now and they haven’t failed me yet. Along with the floral maxi I also received a black frilly top and a white lace skirt, which you can see below. While I don’t wear this style of clothing often, it was extremely fun to experiment with. I love to learn new things; new languages and especially new manners of dress!

Let me know what you think of the language of flowers! Do you have anything you associate with a particular one?

Until next time beauties!



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