Convenience is of the utmost importance in today’s society. In our increasingly busy days, we we’re bombarded with all kinds of different messages and experiencing sensory-overload. One of the things that can be rather challenging in my life is purchasing items from overseas companies that don’t ship to the US. As much as I love J-fashion, it can be a pain to get Japanese-exclusive items. I’ve had to try a plethora of different forwarding services, auction sites, even personal shoppers. (Which we all know aren’t cheap.) But thanks to DeJapan, I’ve found a way to make my shopping way more convenient. Read below my review of DeJapan and this Majestic Legon purse I received through them.

What is DeJapan?

DeJapan is a shopping service that will buy from any Japanese brand on Yahoo Japan Auctions, YJ Shopping, Rakuten, and more. This is somewhat the norm of any shopping service but what makes DeJapan  standout is how they conveniently condense all these sites onto one platform. Makes searching for an item way easier! Instead of having to manually check each site individually, I can do it all on the Dejapan page itself. Long gone are the days of digging for hours over auction sites, because this search form is so much faster.

How do they treat their customers?

I also love DeJapan’s customer service. I was having some trouble utilizing the discount codes during checkout process but they responded to my emails in a very short amount of time, in perfect English as well. One of the biggest problems with shopping services is that often it takes 24 hours to get a response, and it usually isn’t in the best English. While this isn’t a problem for me since I know some Japanese, for most people the language barrier is problematic. Especially when finances get involved.


My only criticisms with DeJapan is that the shipping time isn’t as clear as other services. I would’ve liked to see more details about which shipping options are the fastest, how much time they’ll take. My other problem was that you can’t input a discount code until you’ve put in your card information. Nevertheless these are very small in comparison to the convenience and dedication to their customers that Dejapan provides.

The item: Majestic Legon Ribbon Purse

Now as for the item I chose, I got this beautiful pink/lavender purse from Majestic Legon. It has such an unusual color and is so unlike any other pink item in my closet. I love the gold accents, the feel, and the size. Most of my purses are too tiny or too big, but this one was just right. Best of all, I love the ribbon and corset detailing. It’s truly an exquisite piece, fit for any feminine individual.

Final Thoughts

All in all, my experience with DeJapan has been very positive. Their service is easy to use, they have unparalleled customer service, and my item came in perfect condition. If not for Dejapan I wouldn’t have received this gorgeous Majestic Legon purse that I adore. Next time you need to buy something from Japan, you know where to go!

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