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Why I love the Watermelon Top and Shorts set

Ever heard the phrase “Don’t let seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon”? It’s a simple saying at first glance, but it has a deeper meaning. It’s a metaphor for life and its trials. Life is like a giant watermelon, and while there are bitter or tough spots, it doesn’t mean we should disregard the whole thing. That’s why the watermelon is one of my favorite fruits; it reminds me to take the good with the bad, and enjoy the moment. No wonder I fell in love with this adorable watermelon top and shorts set that SheIn sent to me.

Summer may have its bad points (overwhelming heat, too many tourists, not enough to do) but there are some wonderful things about it too. Like that I can wear this cute little set without getting too cold. Even though it looks like denim, it’s actually a soft cotton. Perfect for this warm weather! I love its casual and loose fit, it’s a type of look I rarely get a chance to experiment with. Now that school is out, there’s all the time in the world to experiment with new things! See, so Summer isn’t all bad.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this watermelon set from SheIn. This post is sadly gonna be short but never fear, there’s a lot more coming up! Stay tuned for exciting things. <3

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful day!



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