white rabbit

Dress sent by: Devilinspired (Use code “chiffon11OFF” for 11% off!)

Tiara and Jewelry sent by: Love Crystalized (Use code Chiffon for 15% off!)

Shoes from: WEGO

Life can take us on wild and fantastic journeys that can be a little scary. Sometimes downright terrifying. Just as Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, we also can find ourselves deep in a dark tunnel with seemingly no way out. Whether this be because of economic poverty, political problems, crippling self-doubt, etc. But what I love about the Alice in Wonderland fairytale is that no matter what insanity transpires before her, she always moves forward. She doesn’t give up, she stands her ground, and in her want to change her world-view, she discovers new and fantastic things. 

I’m usually a very positive person but during this photo shoot I was actually quite sad. I had received some rather sad news the evening before and didn’t really feel like getting out of bed. But I’ve learned just how healing (for me) being creative is. I express myself through fashion and I’ve found it to be an amazing artistic outlet. This dress from Devilinspired and all my jewelry from Love Crystalized made me feel so much happier with my day. No it didn’t end my personal problems but putting on a beautiful gown and sparkling diamonds is bound to make any pain go away even if for a short bit. Like Alice, I decided that no matter my problems I would still go about my life and continue to do what I loved.

At the end of the day it is so important for us to follow our hearts and expand our horizons. We might never get out of the same problems we’ve always had if we refuse to try anything different. So today, I ask that you follow the white rabbit; travel down a new path. It’ll be scary but I promise you the risks are worth the benefits. Let life take you to new heights and let your imagination soar.

If you felt moved by Alice in Wonderland or want to share about a time you escaped a dark tunnel in your life, feel free to share it below!

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