“The Signature to your Masterpiece….”

….is a phrase I feel on a spiritual level! People who think cosmetics are fake, or a waste a time have the wrong idea. Makeup is so much more than that. It can be a form of artistic expression, a means to highlight what you love about yourself, or a way to make a bold statement. For me, I’ve always been fond of my big eyes. My whole life they’ve been the #1 thing most people remark upon when first meeting me. As a result, I’ve fallen in love with falsies. They make me feel dolled up, confident, and like I could take on the whole world. Seriously I’ve never had bad day when I was wearing lashes 😉 Allow me to introduce you to ESQIDO Mink Lashes who sent me my most favorite pair of falsies + eyelash glue to date. 

Nimbus Mink Lashes Before and After

I took a long look at all the different varieties on their site, and decided upon the Nimbus Lashes. I’ve experimented with a lot of different falsies and these (even despite how extravagant they are) by far feel the most natural. A lot of strip lashes have this awful synthetic feel. If I could magically give you the power to touch these babies through your screen, you’d see they feel just like your own lashes.

A pink yet glamorous look

Besides looking amazing, what I love most about Esqido is how inclusive they are. Other lash companies just have a one-size-fits-all mentality, but Esqido makes their lashes with different eye shapes in mind. We live in a diverse world filled with people from all kinds of different backgrounds and ethnicities, so no pair of lashes will fit the same on two different people. Click below to find the perfect pair of falsies for you! (There’s actually 8 eye types in total but my screenshot only shows the first 3.)

The Finishing Touch

Of course the last thing you need to join the falsies cult *ahem* club is of course eyelash glue. And let me tell you, Esqido’s lash glue works far better than any glue I’ve ever used. (It worked so well that my finger even got stuck to my eyelid for a few seconds!) No matter if you’re crying like a baby at your sister’s wedding, blacked out in the club, or just having a regular day running errands, you can bet these little guys aren’t falling off no matter what.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m very pleased with Esqido’s mink lashes and their lash glue. It feels natural, looks glamorous, and most importantly makes me feel confident. There’s a ton of lash companies out there, but very few have the attention to detail and inclusivity that this brand does. I love that they make lashes for different eye types, eye placements, sizes, length, etc. Next time you’re in the market for new falsies, invest in Esqido!

Until next time dolls!



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