Hi, I’m Chiffon

Launched in 2016 as a home for pink fanatics, girly girls, and artists, Shopping with Chiffon is a growing site for feminine-fashionistas from America to Japan, and all over the world. Welcome to my blog where I showcase cute places in California, doll-like dresses, and positivity to get you through your day.

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Throughout our journey on this planet we face dark times that force us to face our inner demons. This blog isn’t about superficiality, gossip, or ads telling you to buy an overpriced pair of pants. It’s a place where I show that you can be a feminine and happy woman while still being real. While fashion can be a little frivolous, it can also be one of the best forms of creative expression.

Fashion is my obsession, and it put me on an interesting journey. I did modeling for 3 years (mostly Japanese and Alternative) yet it wasn’t something I wanted to do for forever. Eventually I realized I desired something where I could have more artistic freedom. After being accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, I found the career I truly wanted: to be a blogger and digital influencer. Someone who could be a clothing addict, an entrepreneur, and a Girl-Boss all at once.

No matter where you are in your personal journey, take a break from the dreary every-day schedule. Go ahead and take time to be inspired, become hopeful, and find a new way to express yourself. If you’ve done that, you’ll feel right at home here. Come explore my blog of feminine fantasy in the form of fashion, and escape from the bleakness of the outside world.