BlingUp Boutique – A Nail Art, Japanese Fashion, & Deco Shop All in One

bling up boutiqueThe BlingUp Boutique at a Glance

In my previous write-up of BlingUp & Co last October, you’ll know I how thrilled I was to find a brand that does beautiful, custom-size nails designs. To add the cherry on top, they recently just opened a cute little boutique right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (453 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA.) Inside it is a heaven of extravagant Japanese nail art, gorgeously detailed apparel, fancy deco cases, and all kinds of sparkly trinkets. Come take a glimpse at LA’s newest kawaii-fashion and accessories shop. Truly a gem you can’t miss!



Bopyo Store Review

bopyo store review

Bopyo Store– Kawaii Apparel & Accessories

I love ridiculously girly things. If it’s Hello Kitty-themed or has Rilakkuma plastered all over it, you can bet I want, no need it. In my constant hunt to feed my cute-clothing addiction, I found some buried treasure: Bopyo. A Seattle-based brand that adds a new and refreshing taste to the rather over-saturated world of Kawaii. Bopyo’s mission? To “Provide visually cute quality products through our Bopyo Gang. We are in the “Happiness Business”, to add smiles to the world.”  (more…)


Hello Kitty Cafe Food Truck – Glendale

hello kitty cafe glendale food truckHello Kitty Heaven

Happy Friday, dolls! If you saw my Instagram story a couple of weeks ago, you probably saw I was asked to make an appearance* at the Hello Kitty Cafe event in Glendale on February 11th. While I’ve blogged about the permanent cafe in Irvine, I’ve never taken the time to talk about the food truck. Throughout the year, the Hello Kitty Cafe sends their pop-up truck to different parts of the country, including Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and many places across California. (You can see all of their past and upcoming events on their Facebook page, linked above.) It’s kind of like a tour bus. However instead of music, they serve delicious desserts, sell adorable merchandise, and HK enthusiasts from all around come dressed up in their cutest outfits for yummy treats. Check out my review of the Hello Kitty Cafe Glendale Galleria event! 🙂 (more…)


Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review – Part 2

irresistible me hair extensions review

Why I Chose These Hair Extensions

As someone who’s always been fortunate enough to have long locks and a full head of hair, I never imagined myself using hair extensions (excluding my usual clip-in bangs.) I assumed it was only for gals who couldn’t grow long hair or had damaged hair, and so I never paid them any attention. I’ve always been complimented on my hair and its one of the first things people notice about me. Like many girls, my hairstyle is big part of my identity and how I view myself. However because of how used to I am to my hair, I find myself becoming bored with it often. I can never decide if I want bangs or not, if I like straight or curls better, if I should change the color, etc. Over the years I’ve purchased at least 12 wigs, a multitude of styling products, and studied countless tutorials.

When Irresistible Me contacted me asking if I’d like to try their Silky Touch extensions, I was very intrigued. After quite a bit of research, I found there were many girls just like me who were completely fine with their natural hair, but loved extensions because it for a variety of reasons. It gave them more volume, more styling choices, and most importantly, more hair to have fun with. If you saw Part 1 of my review, you’ll know I was very impressed at the professionalism of Irresistible Me and the quality of their products. Here in Part 2, we’ll take a look at the extensions in-use and all the benefits of them.



Pink & Black Lace Jumpsuit

pink & black lace jumpsuitOutfit Rundown:

Faux-Fur coat: Liz Lisa
Fluffy shoes: Rosemarie Seoir
Fur purse: Boohoo Clothing
Lace Jumpsuit: Zaful
Jewelry: Himifashion
Heart Sunglasses
: Zaful

One of the things I told myself I would try in 2017 was a jumpsuit. Like a romper, jumpsuits are like dresses with pants on the bottom. They’re very elegant, mature, and definitely have an air of professionalism about them more so than rompers. Jumpsuits have a masculine aspect as well, and are usually associated with powerful corporate women. (Nothing wrong with that but it definitely isn’t me.) But what I love about this one is how delicate and airy it is. My style is feminine, and I love wearing traditionally girly clothing. Take a look at why I chose this jumpsuit over others. (more…)


Unicorn Hot Chocolate – Creme & Sugar Review

unicorn hot chocolate

Creme & Sugar – OC’s Most Magical Dessert Parlour

Like most young girls, one of my favorite fantasy creatures was the unicorn. As cliché as that sounds, what child isn’t attracted to pastel horses with superpowers? Fantasy creatures have been sources of inspiration and awe for centuries, both for adults and kids alike. Even though I’m in college, anything filled with pink, rainbows, and sparkles still catches my eye. After seeing some of the viral videos on Creme & Sugar’s secret menu item, Unicorn Hot ChocolateI knew I had to try it for myself.  (more…)


Irresistible Me Review – Part 1

Irresistible Me: Hair Extensions

One of the biggest misconceptions I had about hair extensions was that they were only for girls with short hair. My hair is very long, so I never thought I would need them. However because my hair is so long and heavy, its hard to get a good amount of volume to it. Sure, with a lot of styling/curling I can get some amount of volume but it just isn’t the over-the-top look that I’m searching for. It never occurred to me until recently that extensions could give me a fuller, healthy look to my hair without any heat needed! Here’s Part 1 of my review of Irresistible Me hair extensions.



VIPme Review: Pink & Black Trench Coat

pink and black trench coat vipme reviewOutfit Rundown:

Coat/コート: Lanjian sold on VIPme (also comes in grey, black, and red)
Top/トップス: Honey Mi Honey
Skirt/スカート: Bubbles Tokyo
Faux-fur clutch/カバン: (Shown below) Boohoo
Legwear/靴と靴下: WEGO
Other Accessories/アクセサリ: Himifashion

After quite a long hiatus, I’m happy to announce I’m taking a dive back into the blogging world. I’ve been too busy to blog lately (thanks finals) but since I finally completed my first quarter at FIDM, I’ll have more time on my hands. And goodness do I have some really interesting things to show you dolls. There’s lot’s of pretty clothes to see! (Including a little surprise at the end of this post.)



Favorite Velvet Pieces

1. Velvet Camisole Dress – $17.90

As many of you know, I’ve been on the hunt for velvets. Chokers, dresses, coats, you name it. The most recent addition to my closet is this adorable pink velvet camisole dress. What drew me to it wasn’t just that it was pink, but also because it had lace detailing on it as well. I love playing with different textures and it’s not often you find velvet used with other fabrics. Anyways I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite velvet pieces from this brand, so check it out below! (more…)


Leopard Print Dress – Lookbook

The  Dress

Leopard is the biggest fashion trend for AW 2016. It’s not only being talked about in Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and Marie Claire, but Japanese magazines as well, like LARME and Popteen. I was never a fan of leopard, but lately I’ve been in love with it. A lot of gals are moving away from wearing leopard in the typical gaudy, Hollywood-esq way. Instead they’re wearing it in a more subdued, girly way. (more…)