BlingUp Review – Japanese Deco Nail Art

bling up review Japanese nails

Bling Up – Handmade Japanese Nail Art

Here’s an embarrassing confession: I have never worn acrylic nails. I’ve always wanted to but because of my usually small nails, none of the acrylics in beauty stores fit me. But thanks to Bling Up, my dreams of having beautiful deco nails have finally come true. Bling Up hand-makes nail tips with gorgeous, intricate designs perfect for any girl. You’ll find nails perfect for Larme, Lolita, Gyaru, and everything in between. Since I’m obsessed with pink/black, I knew these nails were perfect for me. They’re not as extravagant as the other nails on Bling Up’s site, nevertheless I love their minimal design. Just a few bows and romantic touches are enough for me. Anyways, click below to read my review on these Pink and Black Ribbon Nails!



Chibi Bunny Review – Milky Way Galaxy Skirt

chilbi bunny review

Chibi Bunny – My Obsession for 5 Years

Approximately 4-5 years ago, I discovered a brand called “Chibi Bunny.” They were doing a giveaway for some of the cutest bags I had ever seen in my life. The bright pops of color amazed me, and I loved seeing familiar characters drawn in a new way. I didn’t win that giveaway, but I still decided to buy the Strawberry Bunny purse. It turned out to be a great purchase and lasted me years. I used that bag all throughout my schooling, different relationships, new cities, and it never once failed me. I still have it to this day (albeit it’s pretty worn out.) But ever since, I’ve followed this brand religiously.

You could imagine my joy when Chibi Bunny asked me to model the Melty Milky-Way Galaxy Skirt. Seriously this is probably one of the gigs that’s excited me the most. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly died and went to the afterlife. Joking aside, click below to see more of this skirt and my review on Chibi Bunny! (more…)


Sakura/Cherry Blossom Skirt – Lookbook

Outfit rundown: Blouse: Swankiss. Skirt: Make Me Chic. Shoes: American Apparel. Choker:  RoseGal

I love: Cherry Blossoms

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved sakura trees/cherry blossoms. Probably because they were pink. Or more likely because I was a huge weeb. I loved magical girl animes like Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, and oddly enough some violent ones as well like Claymore or Higurashi. I must still have some nerd tendencies in me, shown by the fact that I fell in love with this sakura blossom skirt at first sight. Click the button below to read more! (more…)


Piece of Cake Jewelry – Review

Piece of Cake Jewelry – For dessert-lovers everywhere

If you know me, you’ll know I have a major sweet-tooth. I love cookies, cupcakes, and all things sugary. And like most women, I like jewelry. So to me, nothing is sweeter than dessert-themed jewelry!

Allow me to introduce you to Piece of Cake Jewelry. Founded in Greece in 2011, Piece of Cake specializes in delicious accessories that make your mouth water. Including yummy Cupcake earrings, delicious donut rings, and adorable lollipop necklaces to name a few. (All of which you can buy for 15% off using my discount code “CHIFFON.” 🙂 ) Each item is handmade from scratch with polymer clay; a modeling clay used for art, decorative parts, and other commercial applications. But most importantly, all the miniatures are made with LOVE! Click below to see detailed pictures of these cupcake earrings from Piece of Cake Jewelry.   (more…)


Leather Pencil Skirts & Girly/Dark Looks

Leather – Elegant or Edgy?

Leather is a fabric that is both refined or tough. It can come in the form of classy heels, spiked jackets, business briefcases, etc. Unlike velvet (often associated with women) or houndstooth (usually considered masculine), leather is unisex. In short, it’s a very versatile element in fashion. Every gal needs a leather skirt. This pencil skirt from SheIn (shown above) is my new favorite garment because of the all the different ways you can wear it. Click below to see four outfits I put together using this same skirt.  (more…)


Fickle Wish – Little Tokyo’s Newest Japanese Fashion Shop

Ficklewish – A J-fashionsta’s Paradise (besides Japan itself)

As a LA native who’s loved Japanese culture since she was young, I’m in the Little Tokyo district a lot. I’ve spent hours in the Kinokuniya bookstore, the James Irvine Gardens, the LED Portal, and have been to many Harajuku Fashion meets. Recently, my favorite spot in LT has been Fickle Wish. Fickle Wish is Little Tokyo’s newest Kawaii clothing store, filled with popular Japanese brands like SWIMMER, Galaxxy, and Milklim to name a few. While it isn’t the first J-fashion store to exist in Downtown LA, it’s still pretty different and brings a breath of fresh air to local kawaii addicts. Last weekend, I went to Fickle Wish’s Art Market and had a chance to snap some photos. Click below to see more in-depth! (more…)


Zaful Review: Two Different Looks

, is it legit? Yes.

First of all, let me be 100% honest, the tops you see above and the hat were sent to me. However, I wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t genuinely like the products, or felt they were of quality not befitting the price. Bottomline, I got the products I asked for, and am happy with how they turned out. Very happy, actually. (Plus these reviews put my mind at ease.)

Zaful is a site that specializes in trendy apparel for a low price. Choker dresses, leather pencil skirts, and heart sunglasses to name a few. I decided to create two different looks using the items I received. A somewhat grunge look, and a Japanese-style Larme-kei look.



Sugar Coma Clothing – Lookbook

The Brand: Sugar Coma

One of the things that takes up the most time in a blogger’s life is networking. I’m always on the hunt for brands to work with, gals to collaborate with,  and people with similar fashion taste. In my most recent search, I discovered a brand filled with the things I love: girlyness and originality. Allow me to introduce you to Sugar Coma, Candy-coated Apparel for Dolls of ALL Sizes.” Founded by fashion designer Sarah Judy in 2012, SC hand-makes their garments with pastel palettes and lots of cute vibes. You’ll find baby blue shorts, silver dresses, and big bows! In addition to their kawaii aesthetics, Sugar Coma also carries sizes XS-XXXL, plus custom sizing upon request. Major points in my book! After I fell in love with their designs, I contacted Sarah and we decided to collaborate. Click below to see the lookbook!  (more…)


Wardrobe Staple: Pleated Maxi

The Main Piece: Pink Pleated Maxi

When I was browsing through some of my favorite online shops, this pink pleated maxi caught my eye. It’s got my two favorite vibes: pink and girly. While at the same time its simple, and goes along great with the rest of my wardrobe. Pleated skirts are great because of their minimalism and versatility. Every gal’s got to have one, and I’m glad I found the one that’s right for me.



Hello Kitty Cafe + Honey & Butter Macarons

Its official, the cutest places to eat at:
Hello Kitty CafeA Sanrio paradise filled with cookies, cakes, and tea.
Honey & Butter. A macaron haven with Disney Tsum Tsums and an exciting atmosphere.

Because these spots are perfect for Japanese and Kawaii lovers, I had to check them out. Best yet, they’re both located right inside the Irvine Spectrum mall. Talk about convenient! Lets take a look at the sugary adventure I had over the weekend. There’s lots of sweets, pastels, frills, and fun to be seen. (more…)