Devilinspired – Review #2

devilinspired review chiffon

“Beauty is not meant to be practical, luxury is an inconvenience,” -Novala Takemoto, (author of Kamikaze Girls.) Truly all the most elegant and gorgeous things in life takes effort. The best garments take weeks of construction, the highest-quality food needs hours of preparation, and to be truly beautiful inside and out, we need a lifestyle that fully encompasses the ideals of healthy living. To me, it is of the utmost importance that I surround myself with beautiful things that bring me joy. Including positive people, exciting adventures, and expressing myself creatively via clothing.  

The newest addition to my creative arsenal that I call my wardrobe is this exquisite floral gown from Souffle Song’s Ancient Clocks collection, sent to me by Devilinspired. It has everything I find to be gorgeous; flowers, lace, and a luxuriant feeling. If the thought of soft fabrics, pink roses, gold trim, and pearl detailing is appealing to you, read below!


Virivee Review – Handprinted Tights

virivee review

Virivee – Fantasy Legwear & Quirky Designs

In the words of Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of Chanel and Fendi), “There is no beauty without strangeness.” Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawn to things that were a little out of the box, unusual, and either far in the past or far ahead of the times. Whether that be pink vintage robes, fluff-ball earrings, or poofy Lolita dresses straight from Tokyo. After experimenting with a variety of fashions, girly accessories, even Japanese nail art, I want to yet again expand my horizon. This time to the world of decorative tights and extravagant legwear. Allow me to introduce you to Virivee.

Virivee is a Hungarian brand founded by Viri Vig in 2012 that specializes in the art of hand-printed tights. Their product lines consist of beautifully patterned and high quality designs, including a mermaid collection, an ombre collection, patch tights, and much more. When they contacted me asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their tights, I was ecstatic. I chose a pair of pink mermaid tights, a pink ombre pair, and even received a surprise Budapest sheer pair. If the thought of fantasy apparel and quirky designs appeals to you, read below! (more…)


Bopyo Store Review

bopyo store review

Bopyo Store– Kawaii Apparel & Accessories

I love ridiculously girly things. If it’s Hello Kitty-themed or has Rilakkuma plastered all over it, you can bet I want, no need it. In my constant hunt to feed my cute-clothing addiction, I found some buried treasure: Bopyo. A Seattle-based brand that adds a new and refreshing taste to the rather over-saturated world of Kawaii. Bopyo’s mission? To “Provide visually cute quality products through our Bopyo Gang. We are in the “Happiness Business”, to add smiles to the world.”  (more…)


Chibi Bunny Review – Milky Way Galaxy Skirt

chilbi bunny review

Chibi Bunny – My Obsession for 5 Years

Approximately 4-5 years ago, I discovered a brand called “Chibi Bunny.” They were doing a giveaway for some of the cutest bags I had ever seen in my life. The bright pops of color amazed me, and I loved seeing familiar characters drawn in a new way. I didn’t win that giveaway, but I still decided to buy the Strawberry Bunny purse. It turned out to be a great purchase and lasted me years. I used that bag all throughout my schooling, different relationships, new cities, and it never once failed me. I still have it to this day (albeit it’s pretty worn out.) But ever since, I’ve followed this brand religiously.

You could imagine my joy when Chibi Bunny asked me to model the Melty Milky-Way Galaxy Skirt. Seriously this is probably one of the gigs that’s excited me the most. My heart skipped a beat and I nearly died and went to the afterlife. Joking aside, click below to see more of this skirt and my review on Chibi Bunny! (more…)