Watermelon Top and Shorts Set

shein watermelon set

Why I love the Watermelon Top and Shorts set

Ever heard the phrase “Don’t let seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon”? It’s a simple saying at first glance, but it has a deeper meaning. It’s a metaphor for life and its trials. Life is like a giant watermelon, and while there are bitter or tough spots, it doesn’t mean we should disregard the whole thing. That’s why the watermelon is one of my favorite fruits; it reminds me to take the good with the bad, and enjoy the moment. No wonder I fell in love with this adorable watermelon top and shorts set that SheIn sent to me.


Rose Maxi Dress – SheIn Review

Recently I’ve been studying the “language” of flowers, which has always been a thing of intrigue to me. It’s so interesting to see what a daisy symbolizes versus a tulip or rose. Pink roses stand for gratitude, friendship, and gracefulness. While in contrast, a red rose can be a symbol for romantic love, and passion. Nothing makes me happier than seeing beautiful flowers, both on my clothing and in person. So when SheIn sent me this beautiful rose maxi to review, I was absolutely ecstatic.  (more…)


Leopard Print Dress – Lookbook

The  Dress

Leopard is the biggest fashion trend for AW 2016. It’s not only being talked about in Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and Marie Claire, but Japanese magazines as well, like LARME and Popteen. I was never a fan of leopard, but lately I’ve been in love with it. A lot of gals are moving away from wearing leopard in the typical gaudy, Hollywood-esq way. Instead they’re wearing it in a more subdued, girly way. (more…)


Leather Pencil Skirts & Girly/Dark Looks

Leather – Elegant or Edgy?

Leather is a fabric that is both refined or tough. It can come in the form of classy heels, spiked jackets, business briefcases, etc. Unlike velvet (often associated with women) or houndstooth (usually considered masculine), leather is unisex. In short, it’s a very versatile element in fashion. Every gal needs a leather skirt. This pencil skirt from SheIn (shown above) is my new favorite garment because of the all the different ways you can wear it. Click below to see four outfits I put together using this same skirt.  (more…)


Fun in Little Tokyo

Recently, I went to Little Tokyo for some photoshoots. Little Tokyo is hub of Japanese culture right in the heart of Los Angeles. You’ll find J-fashion boutiques, kawaii knickknacks, and all kinds of delicious cuisine. Most importantly, it was the perfect place to model this Sakura bodycon dress from Shein! (more…)